Principles of Vertx

Do you want to start reactive development with the most promising JVM framework? This book sums up my experience as a Vertx developer and contains practical notes on architecture, database access, REST API development and testing with Eclipse Vertx.

Book contents

  • Section A. Basic components of a reactive development with Vertx
    • Chapter 1. Reactive (and, or) asynchronous?
    • Chapter 2. What is a verticle?
    • Chapter 3. Understanding an event loop
    • Chapter 4. Eventbus and messaging patterns
  • Section B. Choosing an architecture
    • Chapter 5. Architectural patterns for Vertx apps
  • Section C. Writing web applications with Vertx
    • Chapter 6. Build an API gateway
    • Chapter 7. Build an SMTP service
    • Chapter 8. Server side validation with Vavr
    • Chapter 9. Using custom template engines (jtwig)
  • Section D. Access data source
    • Chapter 10. Work with MySQL
    • Chapter 11. Work with CouchDB
  • Section E. Testing
    • Chapter 12. Principles of reactive unit testing
    • Chapter 13. Vertx-JUnit 5 library
  • Section F. Configure Vertx applications
    • Chapter 14. How to use Vertx-Config
  • Section G. Interacting with frontend applications
    • Section 15. Frontend validation with Vuelidate
    • Section 16. Frontend caching patterns